We mill small batches of nutrient dense flour from organic grains. We never use preservatives, dyes, or additives. Our gluten free baked goods are moist and firm. We never use highly processed fillers like tapioca starch, or thickeners like xanthum gum. Snack N joy is all about GOOD gluten free goods, because being gluten free should be something to enjoy.


"H Aimee! It turned out great! All I did was substitute it cup for cup of regular flour. I'll look for something else to try it in....I have a little more than a cup left.... :-)

FYI - I am not gluten-free. I'm just curious and like to try new things."

- Viki, another happy SNJ customer.


" Hi Aimee! I used the BAM flour to make a gluten free chocolate chip/walnut banana bread this weekend, and it was fabulous! The consistency was perfect, and I was shocked that I was eating something that was gluten free, just by the texture alone. Superb quality product! Thanks so much for checking in and offering to help!! :)"

- Toni, another happy SNJ customer.


"I love them both! The herb is moist and yummy, the Apple is sweet and super moist, exactly what you want in a coffee cake kind of bread. Two out of three kids love them."

- Andrea, another happy SNJ customer.



- Linda, another happy SNJ customer.


" These muffins are amazing! "
(She was tasting Apple Cranberry Muffins, SNJ's Fall Harvest Muffins)

- Sherry, another happy SNJ customer.

Dr. Jerry

" “I have been tasting Aimee’s nutritious and life giving food for many years! She has the magic touch. She bakes up wonderful treats of all sorts that are both delicious and healthy! Whether it is her latest cherry tart or a new recipe for blueberry scones, it will be a treat to your pallet!” "

- Dr. Jerry, another happy SNJ customer.

Our products can be found at Atlanta Area Whole Food Markets.

also please look for us fresh from the farm at: PasturedMeats.com/market.